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What people are saying about Framespotting

"This book is a really salutary encouragement to challenge what you think are the obvious ways to frame questions and possibilities. It is hopeful, realistic and original; what more could you ask from a book about learning to think afresh?"
Rowan Williams - former Archbishop of Canterbury; Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge

"This book shows us how we can alter our perception. It shows us this is important because much (all?) of what we believe has been constructed, some in a manner to prevent us from interfering with the interests of the powerful. The book is simple, heartfelt and has drawings in it. I read it in a day and felt all the better for it."
Russell Brand - comedian, actor, author and activist

"A very enjoyable read. I loved the simple, crisp language, and the illustrations work really well. There's a refreshing determination here to change the whole 'mood music' behind the way we address important issues."
Jonathon Porritt - former Director of Friends of the Earth; former Chairman of the UK Sustainable Development Commission

"At a time when the medium has become the message, and transformed the message, it is crucial that we retain the ability to think outside the box and the other words laterally. This work encourages just that in an entertaining and challenging way."
Michael Mansfield QC - Radical Lawyer; Professor of Law at City University

"A stimulating, lateral view of life"
Rt Hon Peter Hain MP - former Leader of the House of Commons; former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

"This is a book that flips our way of thinking - when we do that we open our eyes to new ways of approaching old and redundant ways of doing. Zoom! suddenly our perspective shifts and new solutions emerge."
Polly Higgins - Co-founder of the Earth Law Alliance; author of 'Eradicating Ecocide'

"There is a delightful lightness of touch in Framespotting by Laurence and Alison Matthews. Rather than hammering the reader with facts and figures they provide something that is rare in writing about climatic upheaval. Their book, instead, gives us a wide range of new ways to understand and think about the challenges ahead. It is simply and effectively illustrated, and has insights that will refresh both the expert and someone new to the subject."
Andrew Simms - Fellow of the New Economics Foundation; author of 'Tescopoly' and 'Cancel the Apocalypse'

" ... a thin book with a fat message ... it is deceptively deeper than it looks ... The prose has been polished, polished and polished: hence it abounds in neat phrases like 'We flip from not doing anything, because there's no problem; to not doing anything, because there's no point' and the claim that 'Maturity is when you outgrow growth' ... I recommend the book to anyone who wishes to help in the act of environmental persuasion."
Prof James Connelly - Read the full text of this review on the Global Policy Journal website.

"... a refreshing, radical work that explores the politics of 'framing.' ... Written in a simple, straightforward style and accompanied by quirky illustrations, it's the kind of book anyone could pick up and quickly read and understand ... Ending with a rallying call for action to combat the looming threat of climate change, Framespotting is a wise and unusual book that you'll want to pass on to your friends and family as soon as you've finished it. Inspirational."
Ian Sinclair - Read the full text of this review on the Morning Star website.