A roadmap

Cap & Share takes a global approach, and needs a single global body to operate it on behalf of humanity. This body might take one of several forms. A 'World Climate Organisation' could from part of the UN process; or a group of countries might begin by forming a 'coalition of the willing', set up a Trust to act on their behalf, and seek to recruit further countries to join. Or equally the Trust could be set up by a small group of people of high standing: globally respected men and women who could take the lead on behalf of humanity.

These options are not exclusive - for example a citizen's group might hand over to a Trust of eminent 'elders' which then gets UN backing. Cap & Share is a tool ready to be used by whatever group emerges.

In any event we need people to step forward and make this happen (not just call for it) - whether as part of the UN process or outside it. What you can do to help depends on which of these routes you think is most promising.

What you can do

If you are drawn to a citizen's group then support a movement such as Cap Global Carbon, Feasta's global campaign to promote Cap & Share. Cap Global Carbon has been accepted to the Beautiful Solutions Lab on Naomi Klein's 'This Changes Everything' website. You can vote for it here.

If you feel that we need a core group of very prominent people, with influence, contacts, credibility and standing, to take ownership of the idea and get things rolling, then we need to reach these people, by passing a message such as this one 'up the line'.

If you wish to campaign more generally you might find a manifesto like this helpful. A first step is to publicise the idea. Despite calls for action from many quarters, the huge numbers of environmental and social justice groups in the world are still loosely connected at best. Cap & Share, like a condensation nucleus in a cloud, is a cause they can all support, surprising even themselves with their common strength when united on a single issue. If you are a member of such a group, ask that they support Cap & Share and collaborate with other such groups.

If people and organisations are calling for Cap & Share, then the 'official' UN process will be questioned: why is the UN process not delivering an equally fair and simple solution? This might help to focus minds on sharpening the outcome of climate talks, at the very least. There are some thoughts on the 2015 Paris talks here.

Clearly there are vested interests to face, but there are forces on our side too. The forces and incentives supporting and opposing Cap & Share are discussed towards the end of this page. At the very least, it will mean a political fight - as would any attempt to wrest control from those responsible for the continuing destruction of our planetary life-support system.

But there's a world to win, and our children will be watching.