Pass it on

Here is the core of a message you can use to spread the word to people who can make Cap & Share happen.


Fancy helping to save the world today?

These days everybody from pop stars to the Pope seems to be calling for strong climate action. But what action? We need a specific demand for a simple, workable plan which people can unite around.

There is a simple answer, called Cap & Share, which cuts right through the complexities. It's fair, practical, effective, cheap, easy and empowering, and it protects the poor. It targets fossil fuels (hence automatically the emissions); it shares the benefits fairly; and it works globally rather than internationally. It could transform the Paris climate talks. There's a one-page summary of the idea here, and a short comment-piece on it here.

We need people to step forward and make this happen (not just call for it); as part of the UN process or outside it. To begin with, we need a core group of very prominent people, with influence, contacts, credibility and standing, to take ownership of the idea and get things rolling.

If you agree, then we need your help to reach these people. Who would be your top choices to take this lead on behalf of humanity? Who do you know personally, as first links in 'degrees of separation' chains to these people? Pass this on to them, and get this message 'up the line'.


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