Lots of things make Cap & Share great. Here's a list of the 'Top 10':


C&S does the job: it caps emissions, rather than just setting targets.


Equal shares is fair, like one person one vote.


With C&S we are not the problem, we are solving the problem together.


C&S is cheap to set up and run, and it is market-based: it rewards energy efficiency and avoids windfall profits for big companies.


C&S is easy to live with - there are no swipe cards, no carbon accounting. It's easy to understand - it's clear that it solves the problem and that it doesn't allow cheating.


C&S goes with the grain of human nature and values: it's fair, positive, cheap to run, empowering, and rewards individuals.


C&S is scalable, adaptable and can dovetail with existing policies (such as the EU ETS).


C&S is both an effective, simple, down-to-earth policy, and a politically feasible one because of its psychology.


It's so simple and cheap, that it could be brought in next year. And we have an urgent problem here, since the whole world is needed on board and we have very little time.


We need a serious, practical solution which faces up to the problem, on the scale required, in the timescale required. C&S does this with additional benefits in terms of equity, the sense of a common purpose and the reconnection of the political process with grass roots concerns.